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Eid Prayer Times

Assalamu Alaikkum,

After Sighting the crescent of Dul Hijja 1443 the Official announcement of the Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia that 

Day of Arafa               8th July
Day of Eid Ul Adha    9th July    

In Abu Bakr Masjid we will have 4 Eid Jamats on

 - 1st Jamat: 7am 
led by Imam Shokat
 - 2nd Jamat: 8 am 
Led by Br. Mazar
 - 3rd Jamat: 9am 
Led by Imam Asjad
 - 4th Jamat: 10 am 
Led by Imam Zahur

Please arrive on time and follow the staff on the ground. Additional parking shall be available at St.Marys Fire station.

Eid Mubark to you and your family.

Abu Bakr Masjid management 
Argyle Centre